When you see something so delicious (online ?? in a photo ??) and yet, you can't have it because it's not real -- it's just a representation. You remain unsatisfied until you make it yourself. Good luck!

Indian Pudding — It’s National Indian Pudding Day

This from my great, great grandmother.. it’s all we have left from her. She was a Cherokee Indian, apparently, who married a French Count.. after which he was disowned and they settled in New England. But we still have her Indian pudding recipe. And here is a story from NPR on the “Day” that is, Indian Pudding Day. INDIAN PUDDING… Read more →

Almond Paste

I had to make Almond Paste for a recipe I’ll post in soon (I have to test it again, it was a little tricky, for Almond Macaroons). Turns out it’s really easy to make Almond Paste. Cheaper, and you can make it organic, with either a mixer or a food processor. If raw egg white is of concern, use pasteurized… Read more →

Adult S’Mores

Note: we served these S’Mores with Loganberry Sorbetto (pureed loganberries, minimal sugar and meyer lemon juice) mixed with liquid nitrogen and used a blow torch to do the top of the marshmallows. It was fun to use both the torch and liquid nitrogen in one dessert, and the tart loganberry was a great contrast to the dark chocolate and marshmallow.… Read more →